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Stephens Parkview Neighborhood


A large group of SPNG neighbors gathered to pot flowers on May 18, 2019. Flower pots were picked up by neighbors who were then asked for detailed contact information and invited to attend upcoming meetings and events.

flowerpots flowerpots flowerpots flowerpots flowerpots

spring flowersCheck out our latest neighborhood beautification project, “Spring Fling Flowers” on Saturday, May 18. Under the direction of Moline CDC Director Jayne O’Brien a large number of enthusiastic neighbors assembled 99 flower pots (there was 1 casualty) for delivery to SPNG neighbors, free of charge. This project was funded through grant awards from Global Communities and Moline Foundation. Many neighbors were thrilled by the simple gesture of receiving a gift of flowers, courtesy of the Moline CDC and the SPNG. The event was a great team-building activity for our group as well as a wonderful neighborhood beautification project!

spring flowers spring flowers spring flowers

new signsNew Street Sign Toppers for Stephens Parkview Neighborhood

The Stephens Parkview Neighborhood Group was awarded a 2017 $1,900 Community Development Block Grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The grant is administered by the City of Moline. The grant was used to purchase new street sign toppers. The design was created by a committee representing the neighborhood. These new signs are a reminder of the uniqueness of the Stephens Parkview Neighborhood. They are approximately 10 inches square.

The street sign toppers have been erected at most intersections in the Stephens Parkview Neighborhood during fall, 2018. The Stephens Parkview Neighborhood in Moline is located between1st and 7th streets, and between 10th and 16th avenues.

Spring Cleanup Spring Cleanup Spring Cleanup
The annual Stephens Parkview Neighborhood Group (SPNG) Spring Cleanup was held on Saturday, May 4. We were fortunate to have a nice, sunny day for our efforts. This was a great break from the rain! The cleanup was truly a team effort, with participants from Moline Public Works, Global Communities, and the SPNG neighbors all pitching in to make our neighborhood a cleaner and safer place to live.



The Moline Community Development Corporation is an Illinois 501(c)(3) organization, operating as a separate entity, but in conjunction with the City of Moline with the intent of providing charitable services.