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The Bluffs


Several neighbors came together to complete a mural on the corner of 15th Street and 13th Avenue. Many neighbors stopped and commented on the project. Project Leaders invited them to upcoming meetings and events. The project was also featured on KWQC and in The Dispatch.

Link: The Bluffs Mural

The Bluffs Clean Up day is TBD.

Bluffs muralBluffs mural

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Stay tuned for information about upcoming meetings. Our neighborhood has grant dollars to assist in beautification projects such as murals designed by very talented Augustana students. We have also secured three business partners that want to host sites for murals. 

The Bluffs Neighborhood Association



Come by and help finish the next project! The Bluffs Neighborhood Association is working on completing a mural at 13 Avenue and 15 Street.

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And Thank You to Bluffs resident, Deb Veber for the design.


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